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Bubble is the currency for the bubble social media platform. This Project began in 2015 as a project for me to build as I learned programming. Bubble was not an ICO nor was it premined. The Bubble coin swap began on june 10th 2017. During that time the network problems were resolved by swapping to a new chain. Only 450,000 Bubble were produced during POW.

Ticker - BUB
Algo - Double SHA
Blocktime ~2 min
Block Reward - 05 BUB

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yobit  because i am a man of principle bubble can only be traded on 1 centralized server officially . yobit is really an exchange made by traders and devs for traders and devs;
all other exchanges are worse than eurotrash like bitspender. none of them give a fuck about the repolution... bubble eliminates the exchange, the failure point and the middlemen

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being a student and a multidimensonal thinker, i am able to learn new things faster and easier but also i see new trends/opportunities. i am pausing the social media to go after a p2p exchange. i see something where i actually have everything allready figured out. this is really me just wanting to show that i have stared into the vortex. i am the social artist painting society with new public works. i cant wait to do something cool for my first real project that really was just a curiosity more discovered than saught.
i really didnt come up with this it was just in the fringe of the edge of my circle just enough that i could infer it from the path to p2p soverign living.
dr gavin wood @ whisper his idea i kind of discovered on my own
siraj raval and daniel shiffman the ones who told me i could do this "i learned from watching you"
tom joad you are my brother and i will avenge you
plato or socrates who really knows -- we all got it fro78m u.. my ending is better... at the beginning of the tyrany the philosopher king must kill himself with a smart contract and walk away leaving the system pure.
the outcome is the same just mine your owned business... :) Things I am working on include:

  1. using npm embark to create my first dapp
  2. Whisper protocol for messages
  3. a system of verification for wallet balances (3rd party elxporer may be required as a coin listing prequisite)